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  • All American
    Find out what’s buzzing here in America or create your own buzz by posting, uploading videos, pictures, music, and so much more! See all the features we offer below. Enjoy a real American social media network the way it was meant to be!
  • Real News
    Read, share, and post the real news that is buzzing around America. Get the facts that you won’t find on main-stream media or big-tech social media websites as a result of their unmitigated censorship!
  • Privacy & Security
    We take your privacy & security seriously. You’re in full control over your data and privacy, we created a safe and secure platform using the latest technology to protect your information and your right to privacy!


Create and manage your group, invite family, friends, and other members!


Create and manage channels, upload videos, share them anywhere!

Photo Albums

Create and manage albums, upload photos, share them anywhere!


Add your favorite artists, create and manage playlists, upload and share music!


Create and manage events, invite family, friends, and other members!


Add and manage your favorite recipes, share them with family, friends, and other members!

Live Chat & Messaging

Chat with your friends and family that are online in real-time or send them a message for later!


Create and manage contests, invite members to participate, share your contests anywhere!

Live Streaming

As an upgraded member we offer additional features like the ability to “go live” with live streaming!

So Much More...

Polls, Pages, Articles, News, Earn Credits for activity, and more. Free Lifetime Memberships!

Mobile App Services

Access our community on your smart phone or tablet. All features are available in the palm of your hand.